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Best Wheel Rim Protectors 8M

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Size: Red

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Best Wheel Rim Protectors 8M

Whether you need to protect your rims? Replace worn inners? Or you want to add flair to your rims, the Wheel Rim Protector is a great choice. They are available in ten different colors so you can match or complement your car’s tires. Protect your car rims so you don’t have to waste money on fixing your car! This Wheel Rim Protector prevents your wheel from curb damage. Made from a semi-rigid plastic, it has a wall thickness for the superior level of protection you need! No matter how bad or cramped your destination is, it will be reassuring with this wheel rim protector!

Car wheel rims are an investment for your car. It gives your car an added edge and an instant boost on its appearance and value. While a good sum of money is required for these slick wheel rims to be in place, the cost of protecting them doesn’t have to be as much.

The Wheel Edge Rim Protectors are the best protection you can install on your rims. You can save money from wheel rim damages. Mount the protection it needs, to anticipate those inevitable scratches, especially from those unexpected curbs. Scrapes are expected which is why it’s a smart move for even the most careful driver.

  • Protects the rims from curb scrapes

  • A smart choice for the most careful driver

  • Cost effective and saves time from changing rims or repairing damages from accidents

  • Durable and can withstand different weather conditions for a long period

  • Suitable for most car wheel rims

  • Easy to install yet gives a professionally made output

  • No need to remove tires to place protection

  • Keeps the wheel rims slick-looking

  • Perfect for anyone who wants to create a more visually appealing effect to their car wheel rims

  • Rim protection can be discreetly placed too

  • Choose from different stylish colors

  • Even non-car-savvy car owners can install this easily

Protect your car wheel rims and upgrade their look at the same time. It’s a wise and quick addition to your slick looking car.


  1. Clean up the area where the strip is to be installed. Make sure it’s dry and that no dirt or oil on the surface.
  2. Wipe the edge of the wheel hub with alcohol and let it dry.
  3. Once the surface is ready, check where to place the strip and to estimate the length you need.
  4. Press the strip firmly once it is ready to be installed. Carefully remove the protective paper at the back of the strip.
  5. Slowly move along the edge where the strip is to be placed while pulling protective paper along.
  6. Cut the excess strip and give another firm press to ensure the whole strip is properly installed.

Best Wheel Rim Protectors 8M

Best Wheel Rim Protectors 8M

Size: Red

Only a few left in stock - order soon.

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