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Anti-Mosquito USB Lamp

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Color: White

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Protect your family from disease-carrying mosquitoes! Our Anti-Mosquito Trap  lets you take back your yard without the need for chemicals, pesticides or propane.

The Mosquito Trap lets you take back your yard without the need for chemicals, pesticides or propane. This all-weather device attracts, traps and kills mosquitoes, biting flies, Asian beetles, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, moths, stink bugs and more. It attracts pests with an irresistible combination of UV light and carbon dioxide (the same gas humans exhale), plus a whisper-quiet fan that draws them inside to dehydrate and die. This new and improved version makes sure live bugs can’t fly out! Safe for indoor or outdoor use.

In addition to eliminating all mosquitoes thanks to its CO² emissions & powerful UV light, USB Anti-mosquito Lamp has a sophisticated design, so you can use it in the living room, in your children's room, office or even on a camping trip. 

USB Anti-mosquito Lamp uses an efficient high frequency light to attract any flying insect during the day or night. Thanks to its system of efficient extermination and what is better, hygienic.

You only have to connect USB Anti-mosquito Lamp to the usb port and he will take care of the rest.


  • Low energy consumption, but high anti-mosquito performance
  • Ideal for use in the outdoors, rooms, hotels, offices and even in the garden
  • ABS material is environmental, safe and durable.
  • Light-controlled sensor will be auto off at dawn and on at dusk.
  • Mute fan provides a nearly silent sleeping environment to ensure you can sleep well.
  • Powerful airflow of fan can make vortex to kill mosquitoes safely and easily by air drying and dehydration.
  • Straight air flue can pull powerful airflow fast.
  • Cable with USB interface can be charged easily by tablet, power bank or phone charger with 5V / 1-2A output.
  • Mosquitoes mesh box can prevent mosquitoes from escaping to kill them effectively, which is easy to open for easy cleaning.

Package Includes:

  • x1 USB Anti-mosquito Lamp
  • x1 USB cable

NOTE: For best results, leave this trap on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The trap will begin to catch immediately if there is mosquito activity in the area. Female mosquitoes looking for blood will be drawn to the trap and destroyed. The trap will gradually reduce your mosquito population as it attracts and destroys them. It may take 6-8 weeks of use to reduce the mosquito population to the point that you have successfully interrupted the breeding cycle.


Anti-Mosquito USB Lamp

Color: White

Only a few left in stock - order soon.

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